Medi Facial

Date :04-Nov-2020

Most women love to have soft and glowing skin and, thus going to a beauty salon has been a part of most women’s beauty regime. But in most cases, the effect of a salon facial stays just for a couple of days. And it often turns out that the facial probably did more harm than good.  If you too have experienced the same and are looking for a much longer-lasting solution, then a Medi-Facial might be the perfect solution for you!

What is a Medi Facial?

Performed under the supervision of a dermatologist, no bleaching chemicals are used in a medi-facial. Rather, the products used are skin-friendly and are medically proven to be beneficial to the skin. As the ingredients include antioxidants, vitamins and AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) they have long-lasting brightening without harming your skin in any way.

How is a Medi Facial different than a Regular Salon facial?

You might get a good massage when you get a salon facial, but the product benefits don’t really penetrate deeper in the skin. These superficial facials therefore, do not really help the skin much. On the other hand, in a medi facial, special devices are used to help the benefits reach the deeper layers.

What does a Medi Facial help with?

Medical-grade facials are designed specially to treat the following skin conditions:
    • Dull and dehydrated
    • Damages to the skin due to sun exposure
    • Skin darkening or pigmentation
    • Signs of Ageing

This treatment is not just for women, more and more men are realising the great benefits of a medi-facial too. Men who spend more time outdoors and under the sun are opting for such treatments that work well on thick skin while focusing on skin tightening.

Tempted, but not Convinced?

Who doesn’t want healthy and radiant skin? With the growing awareness among consumers who are beauty conscious, the demands of medi facials are growing day-by-day. The significant spike is also a result of more and more celebrities being open about undergoing such treatments.

Though the clientele is mostly, 30+ a lot of people in their 20s are now experimenting with these high-tech procedures. And why not, when you can get such prompt and long-lasting results, why settle for something less.

Blog reviewed by: Dr. Priya J Talageri
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