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Treat seasonal skin issues in children-itching and allergies

Date :17-Dec-2019

Having a child is a blessing and taking care of them happens through an emotional and responsible way of approach. All lovable parents are always concerned and aware of seasonal issues happening in their children. One such issue is the seasonal itching and skin problems. Many of our kids are at such a bad spot in certain parts of the year and we often find ourselves helpless to prevent it. It comes and goes and we saw them to the nearest dermatologist only for short term relief.

The truth of the matter is that our children need substantive care from an experienced medical professional who can treat the underlying issue and not just the symptoms of this disease.

Let's look at some of the underlying causes that could be affecting your kids;

1.Eczema - usually comes with the family, it shows itself as rashes on the arms and behind the knees but can spread to anywhere. It doesn't require medication in most cases and can be treated by avoiding irritants like soap.
2.Food allergy - some food items become allergic during some particular season and also it vary accordingly with individual health and immunity parameters. Food allergies can also be a reason for skin inflections. Through a proper medication and proper guidance from your doctor it can be sorted out.
3.Dry Skin - Dry Skin, particularly during the winters is a huge issue that affects countless children. This too would not require medication as long as the symptoms aren't extreme. It can be remedied with a combination of moisturiser and mild creams.
4.Psoriasis - As a parent, you'll be terrified to even consider the possibility that this could be the reason for your kid suffering. However, there is no way to eliminate this possibility without meeting a specialist. If your child exhibit skin rashes when he/she is stressed or when in colder climates, you may want to take him to a healthcare professional to eliminate this possibility


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Blog reviewed by: Dr. Priya J Talageri
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