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Treatments To Charm Away Your Skin Warts

Date :14-Sep-2019

Warts are the annoying extended growths on the skin surface caused by the virus known as Human Papilloma. Most of the warts are noncancerous but are highly contaminated and can spread from one infected individual to another through contact. The appearance of warts is most common in children when compared with adults due to their weak immune system. wart removal in bangalore



Based on the place of growth on the body and appearance warts are classified as

1. COMMON WARTS – These warts are common among children that usually appear on hands and fingers in the form of small rough bumps.

2. FLAT WARTS – A cluster of warts that appear on the face, legs, and back of hands

3. PLANTAR WARTS – These are the hard lesions that affect the sole and heel.

4. FILIFORM WARTS – thin lesions that grow near the eyes, on the face and neck

5. PERIUNGUAL WARTS – Lesions that develop beneath or around the fingernails

6. GENITAL WARTS – These are the tiny lesions that develop on the internal or external genitals that have a serious potential turning into malignant. These types of warts require specific treatments. Over the counter medications will not be effective in treating the condition.


Most warts disappear over the period, but certain infectious, multiple warts require immediate treatment. The procedures used depend on the type, place, and age of the patients.

1. CHEMICAL CAUTERY- salicylic acid is the prominent ingredient present in the peels. They are available in the form of lotions that should be applied to the infected area. The lotion works by removing the wart layer by layer from the surface of the skin.

2. CRYOTHERAPY – It is a freezing technique that involves applying liquid nitrogen to the wart. The cold gas damages the cells by freezing their growth. The dead tissue casts off within a week of the treatment.

3. ELECTRIC CAUTERY – It is mainly used to remove genital warts. The heat generated from the electricity is passed on to the needle that will be placed on the wart. Local anesthesia is used to make the procedure pain free.

4. RADIO FREQUENCY ABLATION – The procedure uses low-temperature, high energy radio waves to cauterize the wart. An electric probe is placed on the wart, That gradually burns it down. The burnt skin will be shed within a week, through the natural process of healing.

5. LASER THERAPY – It is mainly used to remove warts that appear on the face. Warts are burnt using a carbon dioxide laser machine.

6. INJECTABLE MEDICATIONS – This is the best therapy used to treat recurrent and stubborn warts. Certain drugs are injected into warts to make it slough off.

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Blog reviewed by: Dr. Priya J Talageri
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