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How to treat burn marks after laser hair removal

Date :23-Mar-2020

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic hair removal procedure, where a concentrated beam of light; the laser is focussed on the hair follicle and destroys it, which causes the hair to fall off naturally. And, no, the hair is not burned out by the laser.

Laser hair removal

Naturally, such a process has side effects, and one of which is the marks left behind by the burning laser beam. These are usually first degree burns, considered the mildest of burns. Permanent scarring is extremely rare.

Laser burns are just like any other heat caused burns, and treated the same, that is, depending on the degree of its severity. The methods, however, are the same.

  1. Cooldown the burn area first. Sooner the area is cooled, earlier the relief is found. Use cool water, NOT COLD WATER. It should, preferably, be running water and done till the sensation subsides. The area should NOT BE be covered with any cream or any greasy substance, as this will keep the heat locked in the skin.
  2. Medical professionals sometimes lay a layer of thin cling film over the area to protect it from contaminants. It should NOT BE WRAPPED AROUND THE BURN AREA.
  3. Medical professionals may also, depending on the situation, prescribe pain mitigation medication.
  4. Wherever possible, always seek medical help. Do not home medicate/treat.
  5. Never, ever, try to burst burn blisters. It may lead to complications.
  6. Try not to touch or let anyone else touch the affected area.
  7. Always be gentle and focussed when treating such injuries, as excessive pressure can cause excruciating pain.
  8. And, last but not the least, after the wound is healed, avoid direct sunlight for some time.

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Blog reviewed by: Dr. Priya J Talageri
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