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When a Lady goes bald....

Date :04-Dec-2019

Men going bald is bad enough, but what happens if a woman begins to go bald. It must be the end of the world for many women rightfully so. Regardless of what Cosmo magazine states, having a beautiful head of hair is a matter of great pride of any woman. Losing it can be an extremely traumatic experience. However, there are various conditions when a woman can face thinning of hair. Here are some common reasons;

1.Auto-immune disease- Your body is directly causing the hair thinning.
2.After the effect of disease - A disease that affected you previously is the cause of your hair thinning.
3.Medications such as those for thyroid problems, anti-depressants, and cancer meds can cause hair thinning.
4.Excessive use of hair styling products especially those products that are chemical-based.
5.Use of contraceptive - Certain types of contraceptives may not agree with your body and could be causing your hair thinning.
Lady bald

That's enough of the causes, here are some solutions;

1.Minoxidil -This is a largely prescribed medication and is usually applied on the scalp, it may not give immediate results, and however, as time goes by it will restore a significant portion of your hair and give it a thicker look.

2.Sometimes the issue could be the excess androgenic production  in your body, in this case, Spironolactone is used.

3.Mostly spiranolactone or finasteride are used for hair loss.

4.Hair specific vitamins and nutrition supplements are also included in regular treatments.

Hair thinning is an extremely emotional issue for many people, and it needs to be fought at the earliest to ensure that it doesn't haunt you for long. If you or anyone you know is suffering from this, reach out to us and we'll help with recommending an appropriate course of action.
Blog reviewed by: Dr. Priya J Talageri
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