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Electrocautery and Radiocautery


What is Electrocautery ?

It is a procedure that helps in removing unwanted or harmful tissue in the patient’s body. It also helps to burn and seal blood vessels. It also helps in the stopping or reduction of bleeding during a surgery or if a person is injured.

Electrocautery is also known to help prevent infections. This process is usually a safe procedure that is performed with the help of electricity.

Uses of Electrocautery

Electrocautery is useful in a number of ways, some of them are

  • In surgery, it is used to cut through soft tissues to reach the particular site and stop the bleeding by sealing off the blood vessels.
  • It is used to remove tumors, an abnormal growth of tissues in the body. In most cases, tumors in the brain are removed using this method of treatment.
  • Electrocautery can be used for nasal treatments such as a nosebleed that is usually caused due to an exposed blood vessel.
  • Warts that are found on the genital area or other parts of the body are usually removed with the help of this procedure.

Risk factors

Electrocautery is a safe procedure but it has a few minimal risks, some of them include,

  • Slight bleeding
  • Infection that can be remedied with the help of antibiotics
  • Mild discomfort or pain is sometimes noted for which the doctor might prescribe pain medications.

What is Radiocautery ?

In this method, radio frequency waves are used to perform dermatological surgery. It is a safe and quick procedure that causes minimal pain.

Radiocautery Treatments helps in removing lesions with minimal tissue damage and white head removal. Usually, negligible bleeding is observed.

Uses of Radiocautery

There are various uses for Radiocautery. They include removal of the following,

 Both Electrocautery and Radiocautery Treatments are safe cosmetic treatments. 


Authored By: Dr. Priya J Talageri

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